Deflated Waiting for the Super Bowl? Join us Sunday!

Kick off this Sunday’s 49th edition of the Super Bowl in an unmatched gameday environment of fine food and drinks at Buster’s Sports Tavern. Deflated from DeflateGate? Let us toss some mean salads plus a full run of delectable edibles your way!
Super Bowl fact: 42% of Nielsen survey respondents said they plan to drink beer during the game, the largest share for any type of alcohol.
And much of that 42% will be downed at Buster’s! We’ve got plenty of cold ones waiting for you from all the top brands, foreign and domestic.
Super Bowl fact: More than 1.25 billion chicken wings will be consumed nationwide Sunday—enough for four apiece for every man, woman and child in the U.S. And 13% of Americans will order takeout or delivery for the Super Bowl, with 58% of those preferring pizza.
No doubt your appetite Sunday will be super, too. Choose from an all-pro menu that includes our perogies, chicken tenders, and fried pickles, for starters. Then wade into our full food fare that includes jumbo wings, salads, burgers, Reuben and grouper sandwiches and more. And have we got pizza! Order from over 10 different speciality pizzas and more than 15 toppings, all individually prepared and made from our hand-tossed fresh pizza dough, plus there’s a complete menu of exquisite dining delights, including land, sea, Italian, and home
It’s the Super Bowl! Bring your friends and join us for a full afternoon and evening of football, food, and drink at its finest—Buster’s!